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Fame, Money, Sex, Power

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Community members that aren’t self-motivated, are motivated by rewards. You need to create these rewards.

These members are motivated by 4 things, fame, money, sex, power. Putting sex aside, your rewards need to align with these motivations. Here’s some ideas:


  • Have a hall-of-fame for people who achieve something.
  • Organise competitions to help people become famous in your community.
  • Have high-achievers mentioned in the newsletter.
  • Let super-members write their own columns/blogs.
  • Frequently refer back to big achievements by members
  • Interview top members.
  • Host a member of the week.
  • Hold annual awards.
  • Have a popularity rating for members.
  • Send interesting stories about top members to industry journalists.


  • Don’t directly pay money, it’s bad (and expensive).
  • Invite related recruitment agencies and HR types to participate in your online community.
  • Encourage members to develop products just for your community (branded please, no spam).
  • Mention members that have been hired by their community work.
  • Keep a list of community members who have been the most successful in their work.
  • Tell your members about job opportunities your client doesn’t advertise.
  • Let members arrange events for the community and charge an entry fee.
  • Create a guide for members that want to earn money from the community.
  • Report on entrepreneurs in the industry, and ask for their advice.


  • Give super-members moderation duties
  • Ask super-members for their advice on key issues and even about your client’s products and services.
  • Consult top members when considering what to do about a disruptive member.
  • Give these members the power to approve comments/pictures/columns by other members.
  • Give members initiatives and projects they can run.
  • Let members run sections and elements of the community, even grow a related community using the same technology.
  • Invite all top members to a board that makes decisions on community matters. They can vote who joins the board.
  • Create a list of members who have these powers – let everyone see.

The great, and remarkable, thing about all these rewards is that they hardly cost a thing. Be generous with them.

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