The Rule Of Exponential Exceptions

February 9, 2017 Comments Off on The Rule Of Exponential Exceptions

Take a stance on this one political issue. It matters to you and it matters to most of the community.

But what about the next issue? Or future issues that offend your values? How often can you take a stance on issues before your community becomes only about political issues?

What happens when members highlight political issues that offend their values? Do you ignore them or incorporate them too??

What happens when values conflict? Do you want to be assigning priority to specific values?

There is a rule of exponential exceptions about group situations. You can easily suck a community into a highly-charged political environment that drowns out all other discussions.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take a stance on issues, just be clear this is the only exception.

And if you do take a stand, involve everyone. Don’t use words, take action. Collaborate on a joint community statement and send to relevant news sites, raise money collectively, start a petition, coordinate calling influencers who can make an impact.

Done right, taking collective action is an incredible community building tool that brings everyone together. Done badly it can tear everyone apart.

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