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Emotional Unity: Bonding An Online Community

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

A great community oscillates at the same emotional frequency. They are happy together, sad together, angry together etc…

A local community might be excited about an upcoming festival. The environmental community might be angry with BP. The scientific community might be sad at the death of a respected member.

Feeling the same things at the same time is the vital element in developing close community bonds and a true community spirit. It puts the unity in community (sorry).

Sometimes you get lucky. Like the examples above, events happen that cause your community to have an emotional unity moment. But waiting for luck is a fool’s game.

Put together a plan of action to create this emotional unity. Highlight or arrange events the community can be excited about. Set expectations for developments in your topic. Issue a statement from the community about a negative development. Arrange a meet-up to celebrate a milestone, demand changes from industries in your sector.

There are dozens of ways to create an emotional unity amongst your community’s members. It doesn’t necessarily matter which you use, as long as you proactive do try to create the emotional connections you need to develop close bonds between members.

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