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Earn Your Community Data Certificate This October (Two Workshops)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Unlock Community Secrets With FeverBee’s Community Data Certificate

As we move into the ‘community everywhere’ era, learning how to work with data is a becoming more of a requirement than a bonus.

Becoming proficient with community data unlocks great opportunities to improve your community.

Learning how to work with data will:

  • Help you prove the value of your community.

  • Identify and prioritise the biggest challenges in your community. 

  • Understand what members really want and need. 

  • Know which levers to pull to get the results you want. 

  • Help you to systematically improve your community. 

Communities collect so much data. It’s about time we make full use of it.

Get Your Community Data Certificate This October

Once you know the fundamental principles of community data, you can use them in any community you ever work with. 

This October, we’re hosting two workshops where you can earn FeverBee’s New Community Data Certificate 

These workshops are going to equip you with the following: 

  • The key processes for using data in strategic decision-making.

  • How to optimise and prioritise your tactics based on your metrics.

  • Best-in-class methods for analysing and improving community value.

  • Metrics and methodologies to gather, analyze, and utilise community data.

  • Benchmarks for determining what is and isn’t working in a community.

  • A full overview of a data-driven community management system.

  • Setting realistic targets for improving a community.

We will show you how we use data in our client projects and provide attendees access to our comprehensive online community data course. 

Select from either workshop below

Option 1: October 3rd, CMX, Redwood City, California

The first workshop takes on the morning of October 3rd the day before the CMX conference in Redwood City on October 3rd.

I would strongly recommend attending the workshop and the entire conference which features a great lineup of speakers (I’ll also be speaking on October 5th). 

You can sign-up here:

(make sure you select the workshop ticket option!)

Option 2: October 4th, CR Connect, Boston

The second workshop occurs at the CR Connect event in Boston on October 4th. 

You can sign up for the workshop here:

You can also attend the entire three-day event which includes the Community Technology Summit and two days of advanced strategy sessions by some of the industry’s top experts

I’d recommend registering soon as seats for both workshops are limited. Early bird tickets for the CR Connect have already sold out.

I hope to see you there!

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