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What A Dream Online Community Would Look Like

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

The dream is an organization that serves its community.

Its products and services are more fun when shared.

It’s press releases are about what it’s customers are doing.

It’s Chief Community Officer is also the CEO.

Customers pay to be members of the community, they receive the products for free as a bonus.

The community site is the website. The static information is findable, the vibrant active stuff is what people come for.

Every member receives a monthly magazine featuring the latest news about members.

Every member is assigned to a customer service rep and treated like royalty.

To ensure great quality, there is only a limited number of places.

Community members chip in to help do some of the real work.

The community has a representative which has real power on the organization’s board.

If you can implement just a few of these, your organization should be in fantastic shape.

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