Member Completion Exercises

November 20, 2016 Comments Off on Member Completion Exercises

Try some member completion exercises.

Reach out to 10 members of your community.

Ask them about challenges they have faced in the last week.

Then ask how they are trying to solve them now.

  • Do they ask a friend? (Who/Why?)
  • Do they search Google? (What terms do they use? What did they find?)
  • Do they ask in the community? (What exactly does their journey look like?)

Make sure the people they ask know about your community and the information it provides. In a smaller B2B community, a large amount of valuable traffic can be driven by very few people. Encourage these people to answer the question in your community. Find out why these people were approached and used similar reputation signals for top members in your community too.

Go to the links that show up in Google and see if the authors can link to your community discussion that also helps answer the question. Consider a webinar or interview with these authors too that they can link to from that page. Use the exact same terms in your online community to discuss and resolve the problem.

Look at the journey members follow in the community. How can you help people find the solution faster? Could you create a separate page to resolve the problem? What percentage of them find the answer first time? Could this be included in a ‘common questions’ or a ‘featured answer’? How can you shave off a few minutes (or even seconds) in this process?

You might be amazed just how effective this simple process can be.

Now repeat the process again with a different group of members.

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