What Should The Best Members Do?

October 23, 2017 Comments Off on What Should The Best Members Do?

Unless you’re in the advertising business, having members lead areas of the community (e.g. Reddit, StackExchange, and Nextdoor) isn’t the most valuable thing they can do.

Your best members, those with the magical combination of time, knowledge, and passion for the topic, should be guided to do the most valuable things. The very things that take the most time, knowledge, and passion.

Most people don’t really explore the full range of what this can mean. Responding to questions might be good, but creating incredible resources is probably better.

We helped one former client realize customer reviews on major sites (Amazon, Bestbuy etc…) were the biggest influence on purchase decision and rally the community to leave and respond to reviews. This has a direct influence on sales from these channels.

Another organization helps their best members share recorded coaching videos.

These videos show how to use simple features to create really remarkable effects. These videos are then posted in the community and shared by members on Reddit and other channels.

This brings in several hundred new registrations per month, a double-digit percentage of whom enroll for the free trial. That’s a big win.

Be more creative here. Whether your ultimate goal is more sales, retention, ticket deflection, or better collaboration, get your top members working on whatever will have the biggest impact on those goals.

Also, remember to download this free Superuser resource from our Superuser guide.

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