How Do You Get A Message To 10,000 People?

April 22, 2016Comments Off on How Do You Get A Message To 10,000 People?

You probably send them an email.

Which works well if every member religiously reads every word of your emails.

But they don’t. Some skim through and quickly forget. Others delete your email in bulk with many others.

I’ve long lost track of the number of organisations who are shocked (and offended) to learn their target audience (employees/customers) didn’t read their big announcement!

Imagine you spend weeks, perhaps months creating a new community website and members don’t open the announcement email.

That’s frustrating.

If you want to get a message to as many community members as possible, you need to make a significant change to the platform that members can’t miss.

Whether that’s a pop-up box, a banner, or a message they have to click to remove. It has to be big, bold, and unique from other messages you’ve sent out.

Every year Wikipedia hosts a fundraising drive.

They ask you to make a small donation to keep the site going. You can’t miss it.

There’s a splash overlay on the first day of the appeal and a donation box at the top for the entire month.

Every visitor knows Wikipedia is raising money. You might not donate, but you know you could.

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