A Clever Initiation Ritual

July 3, 2013Comments Off on A Clever Initiation Ritual

has a clever idea.

To join their community, you
have to solve this simple coding challenge.Codersumo

If you want to restrict spammers, deter less committed
members, and attract the best people – challenge newcomers to complete a task.

Initiation rituals create cognitive dissonance. People don’t
want to feel they wasted the effort to pass the ritual, so they feel a stronger
attraction to the group.

You can’t ask members to code, but what about asking
newcomers to submit their biggest success, solve a simple problem, write two
paragraphs about a topic, or analyze a current situation/data and produce an

The more difficult the
challenge, the more committed the members that pass it.


On July 1st, Google is shutting Google Reader down.

This means we need to persuade you to take one of two actions.

1)   Click here to subscribe by e-mail (best option)

2)   Move your Google Readers feed to Feedly (it takes about 2             minutes)

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