99% Of Community Building Principles Apply To Every Community

August 20, 2012Comments Off

Seth riffs on waiting for the perfect example.

This is relevant for community builders too.

Don't wait for examples from your specific sector. The difference between building a community for clowns, baristas, middle-aged fans of rock, backyard-chicken  typesdoctors, and accountants is not as great as you might imagine.

99% of the same community building principles apply to every community.

You still start small and grow big. You should still allow off-topic discussions. You should still have a simple, activity-orientated, platform. You should still use regular events and activities, personally engage with individual members, create content about the community etc..

Too often, principles that are deemed 'non-serious' are ignored in the belief that members will only want to discuss the most serious issues facing their sector. That's not true. Go to a local meet-up. How much time do you spend discussing the meaty, serious, stuff compared with general chat? 

Many organizations are waiting for the absolute perfect example of a successful community in their sector before they know what to do. Of course, by then it's too late and their playing catch-up.

There are many things we know work well. Don't ignore them. 99% of community building principles apply to every community.

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