What Will Be Left Of Your Community in 10 Years’ Time?

November 11, 2014Comments Off on What Will Be Left Of Your Community in 10 Years’ Time?

In 10 years, what will be left of your community today?

Will you be using the same platform?

Will the same people be there?

Will the documented knowledge still be relevant? 

You probably answered no to all these questions.

Worse yet, you probably won't be involved with the community by 2024. 

This doesn't mean community activity doesn't matter (nor that the community will die). Communities continually evolve. Your community matters a lot. 

The only thing that will still exist in a decade is the narrative, traditions, and rituals you create today. These perpetually ripple through each generation of the commnuity.  

What (or whose) hero's journey are you taking the community through presently? What challenges/obsctacles are you trying to overcome and what does the beginning/middle/end look like?

What rituals and traditions are you nudging the community to adopt which will be passed on to the next generation? Give greater attentions to the small things happening in the community which can spread across the group. Focus on tiny acts of kindness or oddities unique to your community. Use blog posts and your own participation to share these across the community and then document them in the community's history. 

The only thing that will last over the long-term are the narratives, rituals, and traditions. It would be great to create some. 

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