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What Is Your Community’s Badge Of Honour?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Here is a challenge; what do you notice about these 5 profiles on the SK-Gaming community? 

Aside from the great use of game mechanics, look at the bottom each profile. What do these members write in their description?

They list the events they have attended. These are badges of honour in this community. The same is true for many music communities. If I were running this community, I would add ‘events attended’ as a profile question and make it official.

In other sectors, the badge of honour will be something else. For brands it might be the products members have bought (Apple II), in the travel sector it will be places they have visited, in business communities it might be being mentioned in the media or events they have spoken at.

In sports communities it might be trophies won or teams played for. In parenting communities it might be the number of children you’re raising. In entrepreneur communities it might be companies you’ve started. 

Find your community’s badge of honour and use it as a profile question. 

Ask newcomers to add their badges of honour, refer to the badges of honour that members have in news articles and other material.

If you do this right, it should build a strong sense of community.

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