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It’s very hard to build a genuine community
for a transient audience.

Communities for teenage entrepreneurs all
suffer the same problem. By the time the audience is old enough to care and
connect with others, they only have a few years of participation before they
want to associate with older entrepreneurs.

Communities for account executives, interns,
pregnancy, people getting married, and people facing a major surgery etc…
forcibly limit the amount of time members will remain. In the process, you lose
a lot of tacit knowledge.

It’s still possible to build a community
for these audiences, but it’s better to focus on psychographics (what they
think/feel about different issues), as opposed to demographics/habits. Don’t
imply a short-term circumstance, target a belief/feeling that’s associated with
that age.

Many young people entering a profession
belief a fresh approach is needed, want to rise quickly in their fields,
embrace new technology (and believe that technology should be embraced in their

If you can find a belief/feeling that’s
associated with that short-term circumstance, you can build a community with a
much longer retention rate.

Instead of building a community around
pregnancy, you can build a community for mums that want to continue their
careers. This includes the short-term pregnancy, but also encourages groups to
form and share advice/support throughout the early years.

Looking for a belief and desire that your
audience has, not just what the audience is and based your community concept
around that.

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