Most Community Halls Are Empty Tonight

September 16, 2010Comments Off on Most Community Halls Are Empty Tonight

There is a gap in the market for genuine sense of community. 

Churches no longer unite us. We don't find that sense of community in our lives much these days. Community participation has been dropping since the second world war. Most community halls are empty tonight.

Organizations can step up and provide these community experiences. (Note, that's experiences folks, not products. There are enough products in the world). Genuine communities are rare.

Companies already attract people with a similarities. It's not a huge leap to give them a platform to talk, things to talk about and experiences they can share. It's simple, even. However, if you're trying to promote a product on the cheap, go elsewhere.

If you're genuinely trying to be that new place for a community of people to gather, then be genuine. Don't disservice members by persuading them to join then trying to promote products or guide the conversation. Don't make any demands. Just be that place they go to. Be genuine.

We are social beasts, we still need a community. We spend a lot of time searching for them online. Right now, on the internet, it's clear the more you genuine you are, the more you will stand out.

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