Telling Your Community’s Story

March 4, 2015Comments Off on Telling Your Community’s Story

If you're running a community, you should be telling the story often.

You will tell it to employees in the business to justify why they should participate. You should tell is to prospective and current members. You should tell it to influencers and members of the press to get publicity. You should tell it to anyone that will listen.

…and it should be a story!

Almost every single community gets this wrong. They say who the community is for, what the community is/does, and even mention the features of the community. That's a sure-fire way to lose the recipient's interest. 

Tell the story of the community as a story. Think of the Pixar format here

  • Set the sense. Why does your community exist? What was wrong with the current status quo? 
  • Breach. What event/person caused the breach that creates the story? Who was the individual with their motivations?
  • The Struggle. Explain the early struggle and how your community overcame it. A couple of personal anecdotes go well. A good enemy also works well here. 
  • Explain the new, better, equilibrium and the community potential. How is life better for members now? What's next if everyone pulls together and participates? 

At the end of hearing your community's story, everyone should want to be part of it. 

Now put this in video or written format and published it on your website. It can replace the 'about' page. 

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