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250 Community Professionals Are Going To SPRINT, Will You Join Them?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

FeverBee’s Community SPRINT
October 29th – 30th
250 Community Professionals

Yes everyone, this is it.

On the 29th to 30th October, we’re going to run the event we’ve been planning for the best part of the year. If you sign up this week, you get both days for $315 (or much less).


Are you going to SPRINT?

On October 29th – 30th, we’re going to bring the world’s top community experts (some you know, some you won’t) to Share Practical, Relevant, Ideas and New Tactics (SPRINT).

Day 1 will be an intensive workshop. We’re going to train a small group of you in advanced community skills.

Day 2 will be a more traditional conference featuring the best experts in the world. This event will be dedicated to the one thing, getting practical actions from top speakers to increase activity in your community. 

No fluffy high-level ideas you can’t apply, just great people sharing specific, relevant, practical ideas and new tactics. 


The problem with most events

If you go to as many events as we do, you know that too many events have speakers that don’t give you anything new you can take back to your boss or immediately apply to your community.

Think about it, when was the last time you applied something you learned at a conference?

We’re going to change that. We’re going to force every single speaker to be very specific in their suggestions to you.


Best speaker line-up ever? 

For the past few months I’ve been badgering my friends to agree to share their precious time at our event.

The line-up is best I’ve ever seen for any community event.

The line-up includes:

  • Myself, Richard Millington (FeverBee)
  • Loree Draude (Head of Communities, Google Adwords)
  • Jeff Atwood (Founder, Discourse)
  • Philippe Beaudette (Director of Community, Wikipedia)
  • Caty Kobe (Director of Communities, OpenTable)
  • Justin Isaf (Rugged, rogue, Community Consultant, Communl)
  • Rachel Happe (Founder, Community Roundtable)
  • Allison Leahy (Director of Community, FitBit)
  • Douglas Atkin (Head of Community, AirBnB)
  • John Baku (Founder, FetLife)
  • Rob Ludlow (Backyard Chickens, seriously – check it out!)
  • Dianne Kibbey (Head of Communities, Premier Farnell)

These are the people actually doing the work and getting incredible results. 

Every single one of you will walk away with great ideas – or you can claim a full refund (seriously!).

Get your ticket here:


The Agenda

We’re adding the last few speakers to the agenda as we speak.

The current agenda breaks down as follows:


October 29th – Intensive Workshop

On October 29th, we will be training a smaller group of you in specific community skills.

This will include:

  • Data and Analytics (how to measure/what to measure/setting up analytic systems)
  • Optimizing a community website.
  • Using social science to persuade members to join a community.
  • Moderation and conflict resolution.
  • Converting newcomers into regulars. 
  • Building a powerful sense of community.
  • Boosting the search rankings of your community.  
  • Core relationship-building skills.
  • And plenty more…

October 29th – Evening: Social Gathering (CMGR SF Meetup)

Susan Tenby and the CMGR SF Meetup team have kindly delayed their event by a week so we can join them for an evening of socialising, beer guzzling, and getting into the SPRINT spirit.

Meet and greet not only your fellow attendees before the big conference the next day, but also many of the great people in the San Francisco community scene.


October 30th – Conference

This is the main conference day. This will begin at 9am and end around 5.30pm.

Each speaker will be given 30 to 45 minutes to share their best ideas you can apply to your community. 

Sessions include:

  • Richard Millington: How to use proven social science to increase activity in any community. 
  • Justin Isaf: How to reduce your moderation costs from $1.00 per comment to $0.05 per comment
  • Loree Draude: How to measure the ROI of Customer-Service Communities.
  • Douglas Atkin: To be announced.
  • Jeff Atwood: How to optimize any community site (tips anyone can apply) 
  • Philippe Beaudette: How to build a powerful volunteer army with proven psychology.
  • Rachel Happe: How to get employees participating in internal communities
  • John Baku: How to ensure members keep their details private
  • Alison Leahy: How to build a global, multi-language, community (and community team!)
  • Rob Ludlow: How small businesses can launch thriving online communities from scratch. 
  • Caty Kobe: To be announced.

We will also be allocating plenty of time to networking with your fellow community professionals and getting help on your toughest challenges. 

And lunch is on us!


October 30th – Afterparty

We haven’t confirmed this venue yet, but expect a variety of beverages and all the usual fun.

Get your ticket here:


Early-bird Tickets – On Sale Now (for those that want to save money)

Tickets are available now for those of you that want to pay less than everyone else (and get some bonuses). These prices will rise on August 4th.

Here are five early-bird options.

  • $150 – Community star (conference only ticket) 
  • $560 – Brand Community star (5 conference only tickets – bring your colleagues!)
  • $315 – Community VIP (conference + workshop)
  • $1150 – 5 Brand VIP (conference + workshop for 5 people) 
  • $6,500 – THE SUPER AWESOME MEGA EPIC TICKET (Conference, Workshop, full access to FeverBee’s online training course, 10 books, ongoing consultancy form us, and communitygeek membership for 5 people for 1 year)

Want to pay even less? CommunityGeek members get a 50% discount!

Feel free to apply to first


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