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SPRINT Europe: The List Of Benefits

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

A quick reminder you now have one month to sign yourself up for SPRINT Europe

Here’s all the tools to persuade your boss to let you attend. 

  1. The speakers are the best in Europe. We have Mumsnet, Google, GiffGaff, eModeration, Hootsuite, Etsy, MacMillan, Pearson, FeverBee etc…
  2. You get access to all the best speakers in the USA too. 
  3. Our workshops will tackle your biggest challenges and help you hone your skills. 
  4. You walk away with advanced skills in growth, community psychology, converting newcomers into regulars, platform design, nurturing advocates, and sustaining high levels of activity. 
  5. You get access to CommunityGeek, an exclusive community for community professionals. Get feedback from the top professionals away from the public glare.
  6. Build relationships with all the top organisations in this sector. Great for recruiting, learning, getting jobs, and other opportunities. 
  7. Access to our full library of resources (web specs, cost structures, template job descriptions, calendars, scripts for getting people to join and then to participate).
  8. Free videos from our on-demand training course.

All for the same cost as 2 to 3 days of your salary.

Believe me, it’s a good deal for improving yourself as a community professional as you’re ever likely to get. 

p.s. If you or your organisation are interested in reaching a passionate audience of European community managers, click here


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