SPRINT Europe 2015: Call For Speakers

November 17, 2014 Comments Off on SPRINT Europe 2015: Call For Speakers
We've begun planning the programme for next year's FeverBee SPRINT Europe (formerly the Virtual Community Summit).
We would like your help to find the best speakers in Europe (and perhaps bring a few over from the USA too). 
Our formula is simple.
We want to find the top experts who we can work with to share very specific, practical, advice. 
We're keen to get speakers who can explain:
  • How to optimize and design a community platform.
  • How to increase activity in a community.
  • How to promote or grow membership in a community.
  • How to get employees to join and participate.
  • How to master psychology behind community participation.
  • How to measure the health and ROI of a community (in metrics!)
  • How to launch a community from scratch.
  • How to manage a community with a limited budget. 
If there is someone you recommend, please contact me on [email protected]
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