Displaying Signals of An Insider Or An Outsider

August 19, 2015Comments Off on Displaying Signals of An Insider Or An Outsider

This is the trait we first look for when we meet someone.

Are they an outsider or insider? Are the one of us or one of them?

Insiders are treated favourably. They’re listened to. Their opinions are considered. The group engages in cycles of reciprocity with insiders. Insiders can lead a group and guide the group to where it needs to go.

Outsiders are treated with distrust. Their opinions are scorned. They struggle to turn their ideas into reality. They battle against resistance every day.

This might be why internal hires do better than external hires.

Think about how you’re portraying yourself today. Are you portraying yourself as an insider or outsider?

Are you adopting the language of the group? Are you using similar profile images? Do you list similar details in your profile? Do you dress like they do or act like they do? Do you go to similar events? Read the same books? Participate in the same discussions?

If you’re new to a community, this is especially important. If you do user research, knowing what motivates an audience is good. Knowing how they speak/act/phrases they use is equally important.

By choice or by accident, we display a lot of signals that indicate whether we’re an insider or outsider. Far better to show the signals that we’re an insider.

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