It’s Painful To Sit On A Fence

April 28, 2016Comments Off on It’s Painful To Sit On A Fence

Skip this post if you’re not interested in tactical psychology.

This isn’t for you.

This is for the few of you considering emailing your boss to ask if you can attend our workshop.

All of us believe communities are about people. Yet few give themselves even just one day to learn the core techniques they can use to improve any community they ever work on.

From the beginning of the workshop, we’re going help you pinpoint what’s stopping the majority of your members engaging today and help you use psychology (not technology) as your personal blueprint to eliminate the problem for good.  

Imagine how it feels to walk into work with a set of tried and tested techniques (underpinned by proven science) to finally solve your engagement puzzle.

This workshop will take a big, potentially overwhelming, body of scientific studies and filter them into actions you can take when you sit at your desk the next morning. We’re going to teach you the very same techniques we use to help our 250+ clients succeed in all manner of communities.  

I know this change is possible because we’ve seen it at our last two workshops. Every one of us can master these skills.

The workshop includes:

  • An entire day of live sessions distilling a century of social science into techniques you can apply to your community. If you’ve never had the time (or willpower) to study psychology and figure out what works for you and your community, this will equip you with everything you need to know. This is the next leap in your career skills.  
  • A wide array of case studies in the B2B, B2C, Employee, and non-profit sector. Our previous attendees were hungry for case studies showing how we and many others have applied the very techniques we teach in communities both internally and externally. If you’re looking for proof to take back to your boss, you should come.
  • Breakout time. We’re going to set aside time for you to work with people facing similar challenges as you. You can find your own space within the venue and work through a process to resolving your problem.
  • Access to an incredible venue. We’ve booked a fantastic venue in the very center of New York. The venue includes plenty of breakout space, multiple screens, high-speed WIFI, and a fully stocked kitchen you can use throughout the day.
  • Cooked breakfast and lunch. At this level, we’re focused on serving quality food. No cold sandwiches here, but cooked meals. If you’ve been to our past events, you know what we mean.
  • Coffee, snacks, and unlimited beverages throughout the day. We pick up the entire coffee tab on your behalf. You will never be hungry or decaffeinated.
  • Our printed workbook. Every attendee will receive our printed workbook with exercises to complete both before and after. We want to laser focus our workshop so you can finally solve your engagement headaches.
  • Access to over 40+ videos from our previous events. If you haven’t bought our video package before, we’re going to give you access to 40+ videos from our events from the past 4 years.
  • Access to our pre and post-event workshop group. Every attendee will get access to our exclusive workshop group where they can set themselves follow up goals, push and challenge one another to hit their targets, and have an ongoing sounding board to discuss new ideas. We’ll join you in there.

We’ve hosted this workshop both in San Francisco and London. Both workshops sold out and earned a combined 92% approval rating. I’m incredibly proud of this rating (and fully aim to go one step higher in New York).  

We would love to work with you and help you grow your community and increase engagement on June 6.

The fee is $625 per person, but only if you book by tonight.

(we can do group rates too)

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