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Professional Community Management Training

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Our Professional
Community Management training course
is once again accepting applications.

Most community professionals have incredible passion for their work
and some useful experience already. However, many lack knowledge, resources,
and understanding of social science.

This means they don’t have a reliable framework for launching a
community, growing and increasing activity in existing communities, nor an
understanding of the data/social sciences that underpins our work.

For the last few years we’ve run a Professional Community Management
training course to turn good community managers into terrific community
managers. We’re pleased to announce that we’re once again accepting applicants
for next semester that runs from Sept
30 to Nov 8


Who: Richard Millington, FeverBee (and 10
participants per module)
What: Professional
Community Management Training (all 3 modules)
When: Sept 30th to
8th November
Where: Fully
online, distance, learning. No travelling or missing work required. All material
(lessons, guest speakers, resources, notes) are available online.

Learn more:

About the course

The FeverBee Community Management course will train you to grow and manage a
thriving online community for your organization.

The course trains you to apply proven knowledge and resources to tackle your
community’s biggest challenges.

The course will take you through the entire process of developing your
community and maximising the value it provides your organization. We will
provide you with a full set of reference materials you can use for yourself,
your team, and the rest of your organization.

With our training, you can build bigger communities at a much faster pace. You
won’t join the long list of organizations that launch a dead community. The
course will save you time, money, and ensure your community adheres to best

We don’t waste time talking about vague social business concepts, nor dwell
upon social media, instead we focus solely on the practical nature of building
bigger and better online communities.

The details

The course is an intensive, distance-learning (online), experience
which includes the following:

  • Live weekly lessons (which
    are also recorded so you won’t miss one). Each lesson also includes a Q&A
  • 100,000+ words of
     material covering
    every step of the community development process.
  • Coaching sessions from
    the world’s greatest community specialists
    previous speakers have included; Justin Isaf (Huffington Post), Blaise
    Grimes-Viort (eModeration), Patrick O’Keefe (Managing Online Forums), Dianne
    Kibbey (Element14/Newark), Rachel Happe (Community Roundtable), David Chavis
    (Community Science),  Laura Dobrzynski and Robert Cartaino
  • A complete new book of
    case studies 
    you can use to guide your community’s
    development (and show the rest of your organization).
  • FeverBee’s personal
    coaching to support your community
    . We set aside time to personally coach
    each participant on their specific community situations.
  • Template
    scripts/strategies and other documents we use for our own clients
    . You get
    the exact same materials that we use for clients.
  • End of term
    assignments covering the course material focused specifically on your
    organization’s community efforts
    . By the end of this course you have a
    clear document, reviewed by us, to guide your immediate efforts.
  • Access to key academic
    Undertake your own research with access to the key journals in the field.
  • Certificate of
     Pass the course successfully and
    you will receive a FeverBee certificate of completion to support your
    professional career development.
  • Problem-orientated live
    discussions with fellow participants
    . We tackle a major topic each week.
    Learn from other professionals facing the same challenges that you have.

All participants receive lifetime access for their organization to all
of the above. You can use the same materials to train future community managers
at your organization.

Previous participants

Our previous participants have completely changed the way they
approach their communities and achieved incredible results.

Previous participants of the course have included community managers
from a range of big and small organizations (and several great entrepreneurs).
This includes Oracle, EMC, Amazon, Lego, GreenPeace, Wikipedia, Save The
Children, Fidelity, Avid, Brown-Forman, Johnson Controls, Autodesk, Ziff
Davies, PatientsLikeMe, TeachFirst, and many more.

Our previous participants have applied to our principles to develop many extremely successful communities. If you want to read the
testimonials from previous participants, click here.


You can sign up for the full course (1 module per semester), or for a
single module.

Module 1 – How to start an online community ($3650 USD / £2300

This module will take you through the process of growing an online
community from scratch. It covers the basics of online communities, audience
and sector analysis, platform development, seeding and launching the community,
and growth to critical mass.

This module is for organizations in the early stages of developing a

Module 2 – Successful Community Management ($3650 USD / £2300 GBP)

This module will explain how you can manage, grow, and increase
activity in your community. This covers growth, converting newcomers into
regulars, content, moderation & discussions, events & activities, and
relationships & influence.

If you have an existing community, this module will help you maximize
its benefit to your organization.

Module 3 – Advanced Community Strategy ($3650 USD / £2300 GBP)

This module will explain the advanced aspects of community management
and strategy. This covers how to develop a practical community management
strategy, measure an online community, increase the return on investment of
your community, scale the community, and applied social sciences.

If you have been in community management for a while, this module will
ensure you have the ability to develop, grow, and scale multiple communities.

Full Course – ($8000 USD / £5000 GBP – 28% discount)

  • Module 1 – How to start
    a community
  • Module 2 – Successful
    community management
  • Module 3 – Advanced
    community management

Our guarantee

We know investing money in any course can feel risky. Therefore we
offer all participants a full refund if they’re not happy. We’re proud to say
that only 1 participant has ever requested this.

This shifts the risk fully on us to make sure the course outperforms
your expectations.

If you are interested, learn more at our newly launched
course site:

If you have any questions, e-mail me.

Enrollment ends either on Sept 30 or when the course is full.

Once you enroll, we will provide you with a pack to get started. This includes
reading material and a few simple exercises.

The course is open to a maximum of 10 people per module (30
people per semester).

Registrations are accepted on a first-payment basis.

Your Boss Now

In our experience, the biggest reason why people
don’t take this course is they don’t ask their boss in time.

If you need to get permission to take this course, now is the time to ask.

Send this blog post/e-mail to your boss. Please call us with any questions (+44
20 7792 2469)

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