Become Better Informed Than 99% of Community Professionals

February 10, 2014Comments Off on Become Better Informed Than 99% of Community Professionals

I spend every morning trawling through the latest research published about online communities looking to see the latest progress. 

I read the latest research. 

Here's my tip:

1) Go to (or or whatever your variant is. 

2) Click on Alerts at the top.

3) Click Create Alert.

4) Copy and paste - "virtual community" OR "virtual communities" OR "internet community" OR "online community" OR "internet communities" 

Now you get alerts every morning delivered to your e-mail. Ignore them if you like, or scan through and pick out the interesting ones. 

Much of this blog is based upon the results discovered here. 

Anything relevant for clients, future books, or other work is added to Evernote. Really interesting articles are shared on CommunityGeek

If enough of us do this, we can advance the discussion in a huge way. 

From Feb 20 to 21, we're hosting the Virtual Community Summit in London.

This is the first event dedicated to mastering the psychology you can use to increase growth, activity, and the value of any community. Learn more, click here.

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