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Help A Member Out (the short newcomer window)

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

If you want to convert more newcomers, identify how you can

1)  Solicit an initial contributionwithin 24 hours

2)  Prompt members to respond to that contribution within 24 hours

3)  Solicit a further contribution within the week

Last month, I spent 3 weeks kayaking the Amazon River and hiking through Patagonia.

Before the trip, I spent days looking through the BackPackingLight community to find the lightest, most effective, equipment available.

I didn’t participate. I searched, lurked, and left.

You have a tiny window to convert a newcomer into a regular. If you don’t engage them the day they join, they won’t become active members. You need to guide your newcomer to make an active contribution to the community within the first 24 hours.

Solicit their biggest problem. When a newcomer joins, prompt them to tell the community the biggest problem they face. Then list these problems in your help a member out area.

Now regulars can directly help people solve the problems they face. This prompts the newcomer to ask further clarifying questions and gradually feel more connected to the community. It also helps the regulars feel valued and useful.

Imagine this community also had people list their upcoming trips and when they were going. Members can see who else has been on their trip and get specific advice (or see who else would be there at the same time).

Imagine you received follow up messages asking how your trip went and a prompt to enter a field report for other members to see.

Imagine there is a further prompt about the next trip you intend to take.

All of these tactics (along with many others) can guide a member towards becoming a regular in the community.

Which can be applied to your community?

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