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The Skill of Flipping Communities

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Peter flips communities. 

He buys communities (mostly forums, applies best practices to them, increases the monthly revenue, and sells them for a profit).

Traditionally, this work was the domain of internet marketing and monetization experts. They could take an existing community and squeeze more money out of it by applying better monetization systems. 

Today, people with a community background (experience in growing membership and increasing activity) are moving in to this space. They apply best practices, establish fresh inbound sources of growth, restructure the community to increase activity, boost the sense of community, improve the monetization, and sell the community for a profit.

Doesn’t this sound exactly like the skills most organizations need too? Don’t they need people to come in to the community, check what they’re currently doing, apply best practices, boost the levels of growth and activity, and show how to better harvest value from these communities? 

If you have a successful track record of doing this, I predict you will never be out of work. 

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