Finding The Platform vs. Finding The Time

May 29, 2017 Comments Off on Finding The Platform vs. Finding The Time

Yes, you found the perfect platform.

But have you found the time?

Most people underestimate the time it takes to bring a platform to life. The need identification, platform demonstrations, negotiations, approvals, design tweaks, more tweaks, yet more tweaks, fixing the broken single sign-on, more tweaks, explaining internally why it’s taking so long, more tweaks etc…

It might not be quite a full-time job, but if you’re doing a big implementation it’s going to be a huge part of your job.

Where will you find the time to do it well?

Working yourself to exhaustion isn’t a solution, so what will you spend less time doing?

Will you spend less time responding to members? Put aside new initiatives? Hold back on researching your members? Write less content? Remove bad stuff slower? Cancel 1 to 1s with your community team?

The cost of a community platform isn’t just financial, it’s what it stops you from doing in the short-term. Don’t casually push things aside. Deliberately decide beforehand what tasks you will cut and hand over.

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