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Dealing With Your Community’s Vocal Critics

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

Don’t try to please your community’s vocal critics.

I’ve had a few conversations recently with owners of large communities worried about their vocal critics. The problem with vocal critics is that they like to be vocal critics. Oh, the injustice!

They simply may not like you, nor anyone else. This manifests itself in opposition to a particular issue. Even if you did everything they wanted, they would still be vocal critics.

Haven’t you noticed it’s usually the same people complaining about something? 

Vocal critics don’t represent the silent majority. The silent majority represent the silent majority. If you want to know what the community thinks, put up a poll and ask them. 

Don’t make any major changes or decisions based upon what your vocal critics say. It’s usually best to ignore them entirely. Only makes changes when it’s strategic to you or in response to the community as a whole. 

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