We’ve helped 270+ organizations (including Apple, Facebook, Google, SAP and more) develop community strategies, design their community experience, and train their team to a world-class standard.

If you want to drive better results from your community, overcome your unique community challenges, or you’re simply unsure where to begin, we can probably help.

Community Strategy and Consultancy

If you’re not sure where to begin, need a detailed strategy to work from, or want to improve your community, our consultants can probably help. We can work alongside you and your team to build your entire community strategy, create short-to-long term roadmaps, and help you implement the strategy

Community Experience

We can help you create the perfect experience for members. This includes selecting, designing, implementing and optimizing the platform, creating superuser programs, designing gamification systems, developing onboarding and automation programs, and setting high standards for engaging members with empathy, understanding, and appreciation.

Community Training

Over the past decade, we’ve trained 1250+ community professionals in our workshops and our online academy to use principles of psychology, user experience, and master their own data to deliver more value to community members. We equip you and your community team with the skills, knowledge, and resources to build the community your members want.

Caroline Hoffmann

“We were struggling to make our communities a success. FeverBee turned everything around. They unified the technology, trained our team, gained support throughout the organization and, most importantly, grew our internal community into an asset that delivers a steady stream of innovative ideas”

Caroline Hoffmann, Lead Network Engagement, RWE

Teresa J Caraway

“Compared to other community content, we felt Feverbee’s evidence-based model for developing vibrant and engaging communities would best meet our needs. We needed a consultant who had expertise and cared to learn what work we had already done and help shape it. We have had a fabulous launch of our community and members are engaging and learning out loud together. All of the detail that went into the process was worth it – it worked, and continues to shape our ongoing management plan and expectations.”

Teresa H. Caraway (PhD, CCC-SLP, LSLS, Cert AVT), CEO, Hearing First

“Working with Feverbee was very straightforward. They ensured they clearly understood our expectations of their work and produced a useful report for us which played a major part of negotiating a new community platform with senior management. I’d not hesitate to work with them again.”

Freya Grummit, Community Manager, Big Lottery Fund

ivan butina

“The consultancy support was really useful, Todd was able to help 8 of our leads get their communities going and build internal support.”

Ivan Butina, Communities of Practice Specialist, The World Bank

Rebecca van Scheijndel

“Creating Greenwire was a game changer in how we organize our volunteer communities at Greenpeace. The plan was simple: start to mobilize and organize people online and give them all the support they need to go offline and change the world. However, the more we explored the possibilities of working with the platform to mobilize people, the more we felt the need to understand how to work and develop online communities. The partnership with Feverbee was a great step in exploring the online community universe, and in helping our community of leaders build strong communities themselves.”

Rebecca van Scheijndel, Mobilisation Developer, Greenpeace

“When we were working on migrating our communities with over 60,000 registered members from one platform to another, the guidance and wisdom of FeverBee helped us make responsible and smart choices. Our community members and our organization value what we have created, so it was essential that we didn’t mess this up. Thanks to FeverBee and their wise and experienced guidance, we’ve been able to make great choices that will allow us to develop and grow our communities into the future.”

Mike Lawson, Head of Experience, Diabetes Hands Foundation

Paula Collet

“The students are already practicing their learnings, changing the way they lead their communities and applying the main concepts in their daily work. All students left the course with a plan on how to work with their Greenwire communities in the next year. And we are sure that the community will get bigger, stronger and better prepared to face the challenges of changing the world.”

Paula Collet, Offline Mobilization Coordinator, Greenpeace

Michele Aggiato

“Evolving from reactive to proactive community management was a huge challenge for us, so Feverbee developed a dedicated training program and is providing ongoing support to our community managers. We benefited massively from its well-structured, science-proven approach to community strategy building.”

Michele Aggiato, International Social Media Manager, Vorwerk International

“Until recently, my only experience of communities was making a few posts on Facebook and some online forums. That’s why we engaged FeverBee’s consultancy service to help us improve our internal GeoScience communities. In the last 6 months, we have learnt a lot and made significant progress that would not have been possible on our own. With guidance and support from Nancy & Rich we now have the right direction and understanding to maintain and develop our communications & knowledge sharing.”

Richard Shirley, Software and Development Project Manager, CGG

Steve Benjamins

“The community successes Village achieved had a lot to do with Todd – working with him was great. He was always super helpful, organized and insightful. As I said to him, I’m leaving this experience with a real understanding of how online communities work.”

Steve Benjamins, Founder, Village

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Growing the Cooking Community Across 40+ Countries

Vorwerk had a market leading cooking product, the Thermomix, which was a big seller in multiple countries. It had built up a large following of customers who not only used the product but were sharing recipes and ideas online. Vorwerk saw the opportunity to do something amazing, something massively valuable.

Vorwerk had initially built the online support community for customers; the opportunity was to go beyond pure support and give users the platform, tools and opportunity to share ideas, recipes and cultures. On a global scale, this could be huge.

But they had a challenge: growth at this scale needed a detailed global community strategy and professional training for a worldwide team, underpinned with a robust way to store and nurture knowledge sharing.

FeverBee delivered a fully integrated training and support solution through a combination of monthly training webinars, one-on-one coaching, knowledge sharing sessions, large scale workshops and a resource repository.

How We Increased Membership and Engagement by 400%

In 2013 we began working with a security software company who had seen engagement faltering for the past year. Their 2-person community team suggested new ideas at each monthly team meetings. They had quizzes, giveaways, expert guests, live interviews, and all the usual tactics. Nothing was working.

After activity dropped by 50% over 6 months, their boss reached out to a friend for help who referred him to us. We undertook deep and detailed research of their audience and then introduced a series of 8 changes which increased the number of active members and engagement by 400% (3000 active members) within a year.

How We Helped Mayo Clinic Revive A Dying Community And Increase Participation By 300%

By time the Colleen Young signed undertook our community training, her community was a ghost town with limited levels of activity. We took Colleen through the entire process of developing and executing a community strategy which focused not just on maximizing engagement but the specific types of engagement which mattered.

By focusing on emotions and finding the best tactics to increase those emotions, she was able to increase the level of participation in the community immediately and achieve tremendous results for her stakeholders.

Mayo Clinic Connect Graph

How We Used Principles From Psychology To Increase Superuser Participation By 101%

Late September 2018, we were invited to help a struggling superuser program for a SaaS support community.

The community team had spent the past year searching for a ‘motivation button’ they could push to increase participation. They had tried gamification and various rewards. This resulted in some spikes of activity, but it rarely lasted. The total volume of responses was low.

Recently they had been testing adding more people to the private group. It wasn’t working well. Each superuser was making an average of 1.5 contributions per week (barely more than an average member).

By applying a few principles from psychology, we drastically cut the number of participants while significantly increasing their level of participation.

Reply Graph from Superusers

How We Helped Eventbrite Revive Their Community and Increase Participation by 160%

In Summer 2017, Eventbrite invited us to revive a struggling community and increase the level of participation. EventTribe was an inception-stage community, our goal was to drive it to establishment and, eventually, maturity. This meant increasing the number of quality leads generated from the community while putting the site on the path to sustained growth.

We undertook our research and systematically improved the community experience, search rankings, newcomer conversion ratio, participations, and the quality of activity which took place within the community. The result was a 160% improve in the community during our consultancy period while driving hundreds of thousands of dollars in new business.

Case Study Eventribe Participants Graph

Delivering Practical Advice for Immediate Implementation

In 2013 The World Bank Group appointed a new director, and their knowledge management efforts went through a sudden reorganization to become a solutions bank. This meant creating solutions groups which cut across different locations and skillsets.

Each group was led by a newly appointed ‘Global Lead’ who had to pool and curate the best knowledge, and ensure it reflected the best possible information available. This meant creating global solutions groups which cut across different locations and skillsets

But they had a big problem: the Global Leads had no experience building successful communities. They needed help training Global Leads with limited time in the fundamental skills needed to build thriving communities.

FeverBee put together a combination of workshops, on-demand training, and consultancy to deliver the maximum level of knowledge, in the most digestible form, in the minimum amount of time.

Building a Community of Practice for Professionals

Hearing First had a community of professionals who supported children who were deaf, or hard of hearing, to reach their full potential. The community was integral to the mission of the organization, which was focused on engaging professionals online.

Inspired by FeverBee’s “Buzzing Communities” book and methods, Hearing First had made some progress in getting the community up and running with a clear sense of purpose, goals and outcome.

But they had a challenge: building a vision was only part of the work. They needed a strategic partner who could help review their progress to build and deliver a working community strategy that could foster real engagement amongst professionals unused to this style of collaboration. They also needed a highly trained community manager who could join the team and help deliver the plans.

FeverBee helped recruit and train a new community manager and supported the strategy delivery with guided consultancy and focused support.

Responding to the Needs and Motivations of Members

Greenpeace launched a series of private online communities to help organize its vitally important volunteer network, Greenwire. They understood that helping their volunteers (Greenwire Managers) launch and grow individual communities that could reach critical mass was vital to rapidly boosting capacity for on-the-ground and online-to-offline mobilization.

Greenpeace understood that to support the Greenwire Managers in achieving this goal, they needed support and training in the discipline of community management and an understanding of social science principles.

However, they had a challenge: how do you upskill 35+ Greenwire Managers in 19 countries with 31,754 active users, and effectively grow their private individual Greenwire communities?

FeverBee delivered a highly customised training and support consultancy. We developed a series of on-demand modules that blended our materials with the key learnings and messages Greenpeace wanted to deliver to their volunteers. We supported the modules with highly interactive support sessions across multiple time zones.

Streamlining Processes and Getting Stakeholders Moving in the Same Direction

Innogy knew that their 120 years of history as a global leader in energy needed to evolve. The landscape of the sector was changing and the need to embrace innovation was clear. With 60,000+ staff, they needed to develop the skills and talents that could drive change.

Innogy had built some initial community spaces and saw early signs of success. However, they faced a challenge: resistance to change, coupled with a fractured platform setup and structured training needs meant things were moving slowly. Innogy needed to unify their efforts on one platform, upskill the staff, and build a growth strategy that delivered results. In 2013 they discovered FeverBee, and saw how our support could help drive their collaboration space to the next level.

FeverBee delivered a highly structured support and training consultancy. We worked with key stakeholders to evaluate the platform needs and grow the internal community. Ongoing support helped to develop a strategy that made successes better, faster and the workforce more efficient.

Scaling Membership And Driving Engagement

Scope had ambitious plans for their pan-disability community to raise the membership numbers and drive high quality engagement and support in a safe, supportive space. The organisation firmly believed that positioning community at the heart of everything they did was vital in achieving their ambitious membership and reach targets.

With 6,000 members already, they had enormous opportunity to scale the community in the right way, but also needed to manage and retain the current members who had contributed so much to the journey so far.

Their challenge was building a growth strategy that had the potential to achieve the growth targets, whilst ensuring high levels of activity and value. They needed a comprehensive review of their platform, departmental alignment, and upskilling of the team.

FeverBee performed a deep dive audit on the Scope community to deliver short and long-term recommendations in a format that was used to support their internal proposal sign-off.

Learn How to Build a Highly Engaged Community

Buy Our Book, Buzzing Communities

“Millington’s book raises the bar and sets the standard for what community management is about, and where it must go to serve the best interests of the communities and the professionals who have responsibility for them.”

Jeffery K Ross, Humana

Make Your Community Indispensable

Buy Our Book, Buzzing Communities

“In just a couple of weeks since reading, I’ve already used this book to reshape my community’s strategy for the next year, surveying our members and internal stakeholders, and using that data to make a concrete impact plan and defining success/ways to measure. Not only that, but I’ve literally pulled direct quotes to convince stakeholders at all levels that this is the right approach and we need to stop chasing engagement for engagement’s sake.”

Emily D

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