Rapidly Build Your Community Skills

We distil complex theory into practical activities with the help of an abundance of real-world examples. Over the past decade, we’ve trained 1300+ community professionals to build and grow successful online communities for many of the world’s largest organisations.


Train Your Community Team To An Advanced Level

We ensure clients have a highly trained and fully qualified team managing and growing their communities. We develop on-demand and bespoke training programs which rapidly bring the performance of community teams up to an advanced level. Our goal is to ensure community teams are confident, enthusiast, and skilled at tackling every engagement challenge.

We've Trained 1300+ Community Professionals

FeverBee has trained more community professionals than any other organisation. We offer a module training system which people can progress through at their own pace online or at a rapid pace in person. We can host community training workshops for your organisation or provide you with access to our training modules with certification  at every stage of the journey. 

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Access On-Demand Training Courses

We have developed an array of on-demand, self-paced, community training courses which are accessible to participants around the world. Our courses support audiences at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. In addition, we include have developed courses for unique specialities and challenges.

Customised Corporate Workshops

We work with our clients to develop fully customised training workshops either in person or remotely. Our workshops guide clients through their unique challenges and enable attendees to learn and solve their problems together.

Center of Excellence

We help larger organisations build internal centres of excellence to aggregate and distribute best practices to scale their communities. These combine best-in-class standards, governance models, training resources, and an array of templates to allow current and future employees to grow their communities.

FeverBee Training Workshops

Several times throughout the year, FeverBee hosts public training workshops which organizations can attend to rapidly get up to speed on a unique topic. Our training topics are announced through our newsletter

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