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Can We Improve Digital Nomads?

Richard Millington
Richard Millington

Founder of FeverBee

I loved the concept of Dell’s Digital Nomads site recently. So did others, I was thrilled when Bruce commented on my blog a fortnight ago.

However, given the size and scale of Dell, I’m really disappointed by how dry the content is. Not to mention the lack of interaction between members. Shouldn’t we be sharing ideas and responding to each other’s questions on here?

So I wrote down a few ideas to improve Digital Nomads, some of it is about content, some of it is about direction. If you have more, add them in the comments and I will include them in the list.

  • Advice to Non-nomads. The Digital Nomads seems, largely, an aspirational group. More people want to become nomads than are currently nomads. So can we create a 101 outlining real, practical, steps to become a digital nomad?
  • Badge of Honour: The Digital Nomads badge isn’t getting used much. I think that’s because it’s free. So can we make it a badge of honour? Lets people submit their digital nomad stories, and if approved (I suspect most of them will be – it’s extra content) then create a Digital Nomad badge (with their name on) which they can proudly display on this blog. This should mean the best digital nomads are encouraging others to join the group.
  • List of the top Digital Nomads. Lists are fun, they keep people entertained. Maybe combine this with the first idea – I bet everyone wants to be on the approved Digital Nomad group right? Maybe the top Digital Nomads in the UK, or the 10 Digital Nomads who spend the least time at home. It wont be precise, but it will be great reading.
  • Best Digital Nomad Pictures. On a beach? In a Bar? Blogging on top of a mountain? Lets get the wackiest and best Digital Nomad pictures.
  • Digital Nomad Tracker. Break out the Google Maps, let people share where they are right now. However use an optional GPS system, where people can log on and reveal where they are in the world. Optional of course. Maybe it will let some Digital Nomads meet up in passing.
  • Digital Nomad Packages and Discounts. Let the experts agree on the best Digital Nomad gear – then negotiate discounts for Digital Nomad members.
  • More Useful Content. I want to know which trains have Wifi, how much coffee should I buy to justify working in a café for 6 hours, what are the most picturesque locations in the world to work from? Will my laptop get overwhelmed by grains of sand if I work on a beach. Are there any celebrity digital nomads?
  • Close the Group. Can we close the group and let future people apply to be a Digital Nomad. Maybe once a month, approve everyone that applies. It gives people in the group that insulated, connected feeling, and it gives people outside a group they want to get in to. Those in the group get more help from Dell (maybe a special customer-service line (or twitter account) to resolve any technical issues.

These are a few ideas, I’m sure you have more. If you add them here I will submit the link to the people behind Digital Nomads at the end of the week.

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