What Brands Must Learn About Creating Communities

August 18, 2010Comments Off on What Brands Must Learn About Creating Communities

In the mind of marketers, you create one message to reach many people.

We know the secret is that there is no message. There are just relationships to build.

You build relationships by having conversations. Lots of them. One-on-one. You begin conversations simply by asking how they're doing? What do they think of this..or that…You try to help them when you can. You introduce them to others that they might get along with. You give one person your complete attention at any one time.

Then you begin doing things that several people can be involved in. This creates a group feeling. These things are fun, perhaps competitive or collaborative. Perhaps just an experience people can share.

Does that sound like something a big brand does? Does that sound like something a big agency does for a big brand? Are we still surprised so many online communities fail?

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