Month: December 2019

Community Guide vs. Guidelines

Replace your community guidelines with a guide.

Filemaker (a client) is a great example.

When you join, you’re taken through a guide that deeply engages you in key areas of the community.

You can join groups for newcomers, follow key topics, and decide how many notifications you want.

Even this only scratches the surface of what’s possible today.

Community guidelines are good, a community guide is much better.

The Filter And The Fountain

Your community should filter out all but the essential topic news and save everyone time.

A single roundup of new product information, major announcements, and key events can do this well. Members can submit news, but you filter it to just the essential.

You’re not sharing anything new, you’re just making it easier for everyone to digest. That’s valuable.

But while your community should be a filter for the topic, it should be a fountain for the sector.

It should be the single source of news about who’s rising in the field, the latest successes of members, and what’s new or popular at any given time.

Your community should be the single best place for your members to find what people like themselves are doing. Heck, it will usually be the only place for this kind of content and information.

Call for more case studies, more field reports from members, and as many updates of what people in your field are doing as possible. You can have a people on the move section, milestones achieved area, call for blog posts, and even a gossip section.

Filter news about the topic and become a fountain of news about the sector.

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