Over the past decade, we’ve coached, trained, and worked with 1250+ community professionals through workshops, training courses, and public talks.

Our Methodology

We’re quite flexible in our approach, but consider this a broad overview of how we typically work.

Community Management Academy

We’ve trained 1250+ community professionals through our online community management academy. Our academy covers a range of fully on-demand to live courses at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

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Every organization is different and has unique training teams. We can design a workshop specifically for you and your community team. This can cover beginner to advanced levels with unique specialisms (engagement skills, strategic thinking, measurement etc…)

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Internal training program

We’ve help clients such as the World Bank, Greenpeace, Vorwerk, FamilySearch and others develop their own online training programs which includes a mixture of content, exercises, and checks to ensure staff are progressing at a high levels. If you want an on-demand training program developed just for your organization, this is the best option.

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Our founder, Rich, loves explaining how organizations of all shapes and sizes can use powerful psychology to build successful communities. He’s spoken at events around the world and can tackle community strategy, community experiences, or driving powerful results.

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ivan butina

“The consultancy support was really useful, Todd was able to help 8 of our leads get their communities going and build internal support.”

Ivan Butina, Communities of Practice Specialist, The World Bank

Rebecca van Scheijndel

“Creating Greenwire was a game changer in how we organize our volunteer communities at Greenpeace. The plan was simple: start to mobilize and organize people online and give them all the support they need to go offline and change the world. However, the more we explored the possibilities of working with the platform to mobilize people, the more we felt the need to understand how to work and develop online communities. The partnership with Feverbee was a great step in exploring the online community universe, and in helping our community of leaders build strong communities themselves.”

Rebecca van Scheijndel, Mobilisation Developer, Greenpeace

Paula Collet

“The students are already practicing their learnings, changing the way they lead their communities and applying the main concepts in their daily work. All students left the course with a plan on how to work with their Greenwire communities in the next year. And we are sure that the community will get bigger, stronger and better prepared to face the challenges of changing the world.”

Paula Collet, Offline Mobilization Coordinator, Greenpeace

Michele Aggiato

“Evolving from reactive to proactive community management was a huge challenge for us, so Feverbee developed a dedicated training program and is providing ongoing support to our community managers. We benefited massively from its well-structured, science-proven approach to community strategy building.”

Michele Aggiato, International Social Media Manager, Vorwerk International

Isabel Enczmann

“The course provided a huge amount of very useful information, tools and working material to build your own community strategy. In the training, Richard navigated us through the most important pillars of a strategy and how to implement that into our daily business. Thanks a lot for all your help, Richard.”

Isabel Enczmann, Learning and Development, Audi AG

“THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for organizing this training, it’s my absolute favorite so far and super helpful. I knew Richard by name but I had not yet seen him in action and expectations have long been exceeded !!!”

Luca Molinari, Community Manager, Talent Garden

“Your webinar was OUTSTANDING. Perhaps the best I’ve ever attended (and I really don’t like webinars to begin with). Well done, and thank you for all the valuable tips! I can’t wait to read your book.”

Helen Herman, Community Manager

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