Community Consultancy

Our consultants can guide you through the same process that’s helped 250+ of our clients build successful communities for customers, employees, and key stakeholders.

We can audit your existing efforts in line with best practices, develop an organization-wide strategy, secure internal support, and solve your toughest community challenges.

Our Community Services

Health check

Get a detailed review of your community against industry standards. Uncover and prioritize areas of improvement.

Strategic consultancy

Let our consultants build a strategic blueprint to grow and develop your community complete with approved metrics, required training, and specific steps to succeed.

Implementation support

Have an expert consultant guide you and your team through the daily process of building a successful community.

Gaining Support

Get support to win over sceptical colleagues and get the resources you need to build a thriving community.

Health Check Audit

It’s not unusual for an organization to already have an online community they have invested time and money into, which is under-performing or underutilized. The community has become unfocused, left to stumble into the wilderness and lacks a clear and unified sense of direction and objective.

FeverBee’s audit process starts with a deep dive into your current setup, spending time speaking with key stakeholders on both the team and in the community to really understand what drives this space and where the roadblocks exist.

At all times we ensure that the audit aligns with the strategic vision of the senior leadership team, combining the needs of the community with our expertise.

We work collaboratively with you and your team to understand the health of your community and make recommendations including (but not limited to) strategy, growth, content, moderation, activities and events, influence and relationship building, business integration and user experience.

“Often, the organization has realigned its priorities, and collaboration is now firmly on the roadmap for success. This could be for an internal knowledge management community or an external customer support community.

This is a common scenario for us –  you are not alone in your challenges.

Darren Gough, Director of Client Services

Actions and Deliverables

  • A comprehensive health audit (around 40-50 pages)
  • Interviews with key stakeholders and community members
  • Recommendations presented clearly in terms of growth areas and business deliverables
  • Recommendations on the right KPIs and measurables for your community
  • Recommendations on quick wins and longer term actions
  • Deep platform and user experience deconstruction
  • Input from our full team at FeverBee

Strategic consultancy

It’s all too common for an organisation to have internal departments or external audiences who are managing the collaboration today with no clear goals, plans or measurements. They are doing some things well, a lot of things badly and some things not at all. Often it’s an innate feeling of “I think this is working”, or “as long as I keep pageviews or visitors up that seems to show success?”

Likewise, you may be at the very start of your community journey. You have an idea, you’ve read a few books and you feel like there’s an opportunity but you have no idea where to start.

How do you spend your resources in a cost effective way, avoiding common mistakes and understanding what success looks like in the early stages?

FeverBee’s strategy support works closely with both established communities and new ventures to develop the blueprint and building blocks for growth and success. We work with a proven methodology that has delivered measurable results for hundreds of clients, whilst ensuring we tailor and customize our guidance to reflect your objectives, your voice and your vision.

“The community is surviving, treading water, possibly starting to sink – a lack of strategy and understanding of how to truly improve the space and measure the impact is holding the entire organization back.

Resources are being wasted.

Darren Gough, Director of Client Services

Actions and Deliverables

  • Heavyweight, structured strategy blueprint
  • Recommendations for staff training
  • Guidance on platform selection and optimisation
  • Regular coaching and support
  • Recommendations for leading practices for driving engagement
  • Engagement strategy plans ranging from lightweight moderation to extensive gamification efforts
  • Quick wins and long term recommendations
  • User experience optimization recommendations
  • Input from the FeverBee team on your strategy
  • Communications planning for platform change management with members and staff
  • Influence senior stakeholders support for the strategy

Implementation support

Having a heavyweight plan is fantastic; now comes the challenge of turning the planning into action. There are multiple initiatives to kick off, resources and departments to align, training and support to give and it’s not uncommon to feel somewhat overwhelmed.

FeverBee’s team have not only worked with many clients to support implementation, but many of our team have previously sat on the other side of the fence within organizations.

We’ve been the person responsible for implementation and acutely understand the pressures and complexity of executing this correctly in a busy environment.

This experience leaves us with a unique perspective in understanding many of the challenges that implementation brings, whether it’s managing developers, aligning departments or simply ensuring the community manager has the day-to-day direction and support needed to deliver success.

“As a former Community Manager driving strategic deliverables in a fast moving corporate environment, I’ve seen the challenges and support needed to manage implementation.

I’ve been in your shoes, I understand the pain points and what it takes to make things happen. ”

Darren Gough, Director of Client Services

Actions and Deliverables

  • Defined requirements in collaboration with your team to support ongoing platform development and enhancements (internal and external)
  • Recommend dashboards and metrics for measurement and tracking progress
  • How to manage senior stakeholders
  • Guidance for setting and managing expectation with community members
  • Prioritisation guidance for community management activities
  • Regular check-in support and feedback
  • Platform optimisation help
  • Expertise in managing internal teams and getting buy-in
  • Support every step of the way to support plan delivery

Gaining Support

People don’t like change. It’s a situation that can often stop a new initiative and strategy dead in its tracks. Sometimes this can feel like an unwinnable fight and it’s easy for that great planning and drive to be derailed by colleagues, senior leadership, or community members themselves who are resistant to new ideas.

The truth however is that using a social science and psychological based approach to understand the motivations and needs of others can yield incredible results.

Too many organisations fail to ask the important questions that get to the root of the matter. Gaining support is a reciprocal process. This is about understanding what your strategy can do to help people be better, quicker and much more efficient in their roles.

FeverBee have worked with everyone from 120-year-old energy organizations who have long held views about process, to explosive young start-ups where everyone has a new way of working (sometimes several times a week!) We’ve yet to find an organization we couldn’t help win over doubters. In many cases the most resistant often become the biggest supporters of the plans, from the senior team to the community member who now sees the value in community and collaboration.

“The mistake too many organisations make is dictating change and using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Understanding the motivations of colleagues and members is a fundamental principle for getting buy-in and support. If you can show people how your strategy can improve their lives, you will convert them into some of your staunchest supporters.”

Darren Gough, Director of Client Services

Actions and Deliverables

  • Teaching social science and psychological principles
  • Identifying champions who can support and drive the strategy
  • Guidance on how to work with the senior team to ensure buy in from the top
  • Tactics to demonstrate value to colleagues
  • Regular check in support and feedback
  • Support in managing community members and driving change
  • Writing the perfect pitch for resources to your boss

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