If you’re not sure where to begin, need a detailed strategy to work from, or want to improve your community, our consultants can probably help. In this capacity, we can build your entire community strategy, create short-to-long term roadmaps, and help you execute them.

Our Services

We’re quite flexible in our approach, but our strategic work typically includes the following:


We begin with a detailed community analysis. This analysis includes reviewing existing community data, benchmarking the setup of your community, surveys/interviews with audience members and staff, competitive benchmarks, and progression of the community along the community lifecycle and many other variables. Our goal is to develop a detailed understanding of your community today, define the problem/opportunities, build member segments (and what each segment wants) and then design a strategy to match.

Strategic Plan and Roadmap

Based upon the analysis, we establish the definition of community, define the ‘problem’ (or opportunity), establish the goal(s), setup key behaviors (objectives) for members, describe the strategy (emotional appeals), and develop a set of tactics. We break our strategies into a roadmap for both the short, medium, and long-term. This strategy is fully resourced (time, money) and detailed the new processes required to succeed. Our strategies also include the risk factors, must-win battles, and governance.

Measurement and Improvement

Measurement and evaluation, a critical part of demonstrating success and improving the community. We can develop a framework to measure the ROI (or impact) of your community throughout the business, identify the key community health metrics, and develop a decision tree for improving the community as you collect more data. We aim to make measurement as automated a process as possible.


We provide advice to clients to help execute their community strategy, overcome specific challenges, and guide them throughout the process of launching a community.

In this capacity we work on a fixed ongoing retainer to provide you with advice to grow and develop your community.

Client Examples

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Case Studies

Caroline Hoffmann

“We were struggling to make our communities a success. FeverBee turned everything around. They unified the technology, trained our team, gained support throughout the organization and, most importantly, grew our internal community into an asset that delivers a steady stream of innovative ideas”

Caroline Hoffmann, Lead Network Engagement, RWE

Teresa J Caraway

“Compared to other community content, we felt Feverbee’s evidence-based model for developing vibrant and engaging communities would best meet our needs. We needed a consultant who had expertise and cared to learn what work we had already done and help shape it. We have had a fabulous launch of our community and members are engaging and learning out loud together. All of the detail that went into the process was worth it – it worked, and continues to shape our ongoing management plan and expectations.”

Teresa H. Caraway (PhD, CCC-SLP, LSLS, Cert AVT), CEO, Hearing First

“Working with Feverbee was very straightforward. They ensured they clearly understood our expectations of their work and produced a useful report for us which played a major part of negotiating a new community platform with senior management. I’d not hesitate to work with them again.”

Freya Grummit, Community Manager, Big Lottery Fund

ivan butina

“The consultancy support was really useful, Todd was able to help 8 of our leads get their communities going and build internal support.”

Ivan Butina, Communities of Practice Specialist, The World Bank

Rebecca van Scheijndel

“Creating Greenwire was a game changer in how we organize our volunteer communities at Greenpeace. The plan was simple: start to mobilize and organize people online and give them all the support they need to go offline and change the world. However, the more we explored the possibilities of working with the platform to mobilize people, the more we felt the need to understand how to work and develop online communities. The partnership with Feverbee was a great step in exploring the online community universe, and in helping our community of leaders build strong communities themselves.”

Rebecca van Scheijndel, Mobilisation Developer, Greenpeace

“When we were working on migrating our communities with over 60,000 registered members from one platform to another, the guidance and wisdom of FeverBee helped us make responsible and smart choices. Our community members and our organization value what we have created, so it was essential that we didn’t mess this up. Thanks to FeverBee and their wise and experienced guidance, we’ve been able to make great choices that will allow us to develop and grow our communities into the future.”

Mike Lawson, Head of Experience, Diabetes Hands Foundation

Paula Collet

“The students are already practicing their learnings, changing the way they lead their communities and applying the main concepts in their daily work. All students left the course with a plan on how to work with their Greenwire communities in the next year. And we are sure that the community will get bigger, stronger and better prepared to face the challenges of changing the world.”

Paula Collet, Offline Mobilization Coordinator, Greenpeace

Michele Aggiato

“Evolving from reactive to proactive community management was a huge challenge for us, so Feverbee developed a dedicated training program and is providing ongoing support to our community managers. We benefited massively from its well-structured, science-proven approach to community strategy building.”

Michele Aggiato, International Social Media Manager, Vorwerk International

“Until recently, my only experience of communities was making a few posts on Facebook and some online forums. That’s why we engaged FeverBee’s consultancy service to help us improve our internal GeoScience communities. In the last 6 months, we have learnt a lot and made significant progress that would not have been possible on our own. With guidance and support from Nancy & Rich we now have the right direction and understanding to maintain and develop our communications & knowledge sharing.”

Richard Shirley, Software and Development Project Manager, CGG

Steve Benjamins

“The community successes Village achieved had a lot to do with Todd – working with him was great. He was always super helpful, organized and insightful. As I said to him, I’m leaving this experience with a real understanding of how online communities work.”

Steve Benjamins, Founder, Village

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