Dedicated Consultancy Support

Get a team of FeverBee consultants to help you improve your community and achieve the best results.

Select Your Community Plan

Our community performance consultancy services let you select the plan which best helps you achieve your goals. Either select one of the options below or contact us to discuss a tailored package for you.


  • Increase Expert Participation
  • Increase Quantity of UGC
  • Grow Your Knowledge Base
  • Increase Views of Content
  • Improve Documentation
  • Improve Search and Navigation
  • Quarterly Community Benchmark Reports
  • Access to FeverBee Training Courses
  • 15 Hours Of Advisory Support


  • Grow Community Search Traffic
  • Increase Member Retention
  • Maximise Member Participation
  • Acquire New Channels Of Growth
  • Build A Powerful Sense of Community
  • Increase Online/Offline Event Attendees
  • Expand To New Languages / Audiences
  • Access To FeverBee Training Courses
  • 15 Hours Of Advisory Support

Ongoing Support, Rapid Progress

Not every community needs a new strategy or platform to succeed. Many already know what they want to achieve and have already picked the platform they want. What they need is expert guidance to evaluate what they’re doing and systematically improve it. 

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The Process


Before we begin, we will benchmark how your community is performing today and build a detailed picture of what is and isn’t working. This will be the foundation from which we will improve. 


Once we have clear benchmarks on how your community is performing today, we will put together a plan for improvement. Your input is critical in this process. Our plan will be detailed with clear goals we aim to achieve by the end of each month. 


Once you have approved the plan, we will work alongside your team to implement the plan. At every stage of the journey, we will guide you in best practices and how best to execute each tactic to achieve your goals. 


At the end of each month, we will evaluate your progress and highlight the next steps to achieve your goals. Our evaluation will be clear in where to best invest limited resources to achieve the best outcomes. 

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