How To Develop A Community Strategy


Tactics are the specific actions you take to implement the strategy.

Tactics are what you plan to do to amplify the emotion you’re trying to provoke. For example, building a stronger sense of community to reduce loneliness is a strategy, but initiating discussions about how people got into the field to increase self-disclosure is a tactic (a good one, too).

Tactics can fall within several categories of the community management framework. These might be based around growth, content, moderation, participation, events and activities, user experience (or technology), and business integration (anything internal):


In the last chapter, we reviewed the specific strategies we intend to pursue and what resources we have available for each. This should narrow down possible tactics we can implement to fulfil our strategies.

Stop Doing Tactics Which Are Not Strategic

If the strategy is to make top members feel like a superior, exclusive group of insiders, while ensuring regular members still feel confident to ask questions and respected when they do so. Any tactic which does not match this strategy can be removed.

This might mean cutting the regular newsletters, stopping individual welcomes for every member, stop prompting members to participate. At this stage, we make a lot of very critical decisions about what we will no longer do to focus on the few very big things which have the major impacts.

At this stage, we need to decide exactly what tactics we’re going to use that will have the biggest impact.



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