How To Develop A Community Strategy

Developing The Action Plan

The goal of the action plan is to execute your tactics as effectively as possible.

When tactics do fail, it’s more likely to be an execution failure than selecting the wrong tactic in the first place. None of your tactics will succeed unless you truly plan out the key steps in advance and develop your plan accordingly.

It’s very easy to overlook this stage and believe that planning is an easy, low-value task. But this mentally will undermine all the hard work you have put in so far.

Fortunately, you can acquire some key skills to become better at executing really quickly.

What is Great Execution?

To be a great executor, you need to be a great project planner. Once you begin planning things in advance, you can spot potential problems and overcome them. You become adept at identifying every step required to execute your tactics extremely well.

You then need to identify how long each step will take, what resources (knowledge, time, money, permission) are required for that tactic, who has the availability and skill-set to undertake that tactic, and when that tactic will be undertaken.

Next, this means identifying the order these steps need to be performed in. Then identifying who is going to perform each step. Then finally ensuring these steps are performed in that order.

If you have a team, this is probably the level at which you can delegate to your team.



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