Get great community management without long-term contracts.

If you can’t hire your own community staff, FeverBee has talented experts who can lead your community. We’re a flexible team who can rapidly scale our support up or down to suit your needs.

Our Services

We can take on your entire community project, fill the gaps in your current efforts, or tackle specific aspects of the community.

Community Management

Our team will manage the day to day operations of your online community.

This covers everything from initiating and replying to discussions, hosting and managing online activities, answering member questions, escalating problems, and building relationships to nurture the top members in your online community. If you want top class community manager(s) without the trouble of recruiting, training, and managing them yourself, we can help.

Community Leadership

Many communities need more than just managers, they need leaders. 

They need people who will build the right processes both inside and outside of the community for it to thrive. We have expertise doing this in organisations big and small, both internal and external communities. We can help gain internal support, mentor community staff, manage vendor relationships, design and implement improvements to the community and much more. We will design our leadership support to serve your needs.

Special Projects

If you already have a team and just need some help in key projects, we’re happy to help.

In the past we’ve taken on projects ranking from recruiting staff, implementing superuser programs, introducing and managing gamification, building custom reports and analytics dashboards, and plenty more. If you have a project in mind which needs unique expertise, we can probably help.

Technology Development

It’s hard to find reliable, trustworthy, teams who can implement your technology vision just the way you want.

We can take this problem out of your hands. We can work with you to define the needs of any technology development and either take on the development ourselves or bring in trusted partners who can do it. You won’t have to do anything other than provide feedback and approvals on the changes we’re making. We’ve worked with almost every major platform and will be eager to help improve your community.


We will design our engagement to support your precise needs. However, to give you some idea of the tasks we perform you can view the table below:


Community Moderation

(min. $5k per month)

Community Management

(min. $8.5k per month)

 Community Leadership

(min. $15k per month)

If you need help to create a safe, welcoming, and responsive place for your community members, we can provide the moderation support to help.

  • Developing moderation policies.
  • Checking and moderating member posts and content to ensure it complies with our policies.
  • Flagging major concerns and escalating problems and unanswered questions internally.
    Answering member questions on the community, via direct messages, and via email.
  • Reviewing issues flagged by community members.
  • Ensuring every member who identifies an issue receives a high quality response.
  • Creating monthly reports identifying the activity, health, and issues within the community.
If you need someone to proactively manage your community, drive activity, and keep members engaged, we can directly manage your community. 

  • Includes everything in moderation support plus:
  • Initiating and sustaining active community discussions. 
  • Soliciting best practices and high levels of knowledge exchange from members. 
  • Nurturing members to become top members and managing the superuser/MVP program.. 
  • Initiating and managing online events and activities for members. 
  • Developing and maintenance of the gamification program. 
  • Creating newsletters and content for members. 
  • Rewarding community members with increased status, access, and agreed tangible goodies. 
  • Executing the community strategy to ensure it generates the desired value. 
  • Monthly reports analyzing the issues, activity, and overall progress of the community.
  • Creating transition plans to evolve management from FeverBee to the organization.
If you need a champion and to lead your community and build the processes and relationships to scale your community for long-term success, we can help. 

  • Includes everything in moderation support.
  • Includes everything in community management plus:
  • Providing and communicating the community vision and strategy to the organization. 
  • Implementing the full community strategy. 
  • Building internal support to launch, grow, and integrate the community with internal processes. 
  • Selecting, managing, and developing community tools to support the community. 
  • Recruiting and mentoring a community team (incl. provide career roadmaps for all team members).
  • Integration with your community team (on-site support and meetings)
  • Managing high-priority content projects within the community. 
  • Building an influencer program to support the community activities. 
  • Measuring and analyzing the ROI of community and communicating this internally.


FeverBee also provides consultancy services to help create your community strategy. 

If you don’t have a strategy, we can create one for you

Onboarding Phase

Before we engage community members, we will get up to speed on your community, organisation, and industry.

Our fees are exclusive of this onboarding phase. 

Excellent Community Professionals

Communities deserve trained community professionals.

You don’t want junior staff members or people learning on the job when the relationships with your best customers, fans, and employees is on the line.

We won’t ever have junior staff members managing your community. If you hire us, you get people whose experience you can check up and skills you can review on our community accelerator. Every staff member has their skills benchmarked so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Maximum Flexibility

Provide you the support you need whenever you need it

We know how quickly things can change. Some months you might need to rapidly increase support for your community and other months you might need to downsize quickly to hit revised budget goals.

We’ve designed our support packages for people in your situation. Unlike other companies, we won’t force you to commit to a year-long contract. We’ll provide you with exactly what you need when you need it.

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