Building Successful Superuser Programs

Why Create a Program?

There are several benefits to creating a superuser program. Programs that go the distance tie their primary objective back to a clearly defined business goal. If you can’t directly prove that the program supports a wider business objective, it will be first in line when it comes time to trim the budget.

Many organizations claim that they created their program to “give back” or to recognise and reward loyalty, but that is not usually the true primary objective. The primary objective is to encourage behavior that delivers clear value to the organization. There are a number of ways that a program can do this.

Let’s examine those.

Successful programs have one or more of the following primary benefits:

  • Affordably scaling your marketing efforts.
  • Sustainable growth of your business, support or community model.
  • Crowdsourcing expertise and depth of knowledge for product support.
  • Stimulated content creation and/or digital engagement.
  • Informed community and product feedback.



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