Building Successful Superuser Programs

Make sure you put fail-safes in place in the event that something goes wrong. As well as clear guidelines and removal policies, set a fixed membership term. This gives people the opportunity to step down if their interests or commitments change.

From a brand perspective, a limited term role makes it non-fuss to remove members who aren’t pulling their weight or are not fitting in with team. Having a time limit for your ambassador or superuser role also creates openings for new intakes which keeps the program performing effectively.

Many programs have an annual term and allow members to reapply or re-qualify for further terms.

If you have high application numbers once your program is established, limiting applications to a short recruitment window helps to restrict registrations and often means that the registrations you do get are of higher quality.

Some larger programs have two intakes, depending on the number of new applications that they have to process in each induction. Others have no term or intake period so people can apply when they like.

Decide what is going to work best for you given the resources you have available.


  1. Fixed term memberships make it easy to churn members that are not meeting objectives.
  2. Use short recruitment windows to raise the quality of applications.



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