Building Successful Superuser Programs

Most of us will know of a small business that grew too quickly and failed.

It is all too common in the startup world. They become unsustainable, resulting in job loss or failure of the business.

The most achievable benefit of a superuser program is sustainable growth. You can utilise superusers to test new processes or scale existing ones without hiring for those roles.

That might mean:

  • Customer support
  • Product testing, development and innovation
  • Marketing and communication
  • Online moderation and engagement

Superusers are great candidates for community roles.

Many successful community managers started out as passionate users who worked their way up through the ranks.

Superusers are great at answering questions in product communities. They offer round the clock support by providing quick access to crowdsourced solutions. This will allow you to utilise your support team in different ways and expand the hours of support.

This will also build up a permanent and up-to-date online knowledge base which can be leveraged by that internal team.


Your superuser program can also be used to leverage one strong asset to build another.

If you have a strong social media following, you can use that influence to bring in more general site traffic and boost potential sales by getting more eyes on your key landing pages. This example works well in organizations with a small community team that is also responsible for social media. If you don’t have the resources to drive your social audience onto an appropriate landing page or into a content marketing funnel, getting superusers to broadcast to their networks is a scalable solution.


  1. Superusers enable you to scale your internal processes without hiring.



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