Building Successful Superuser Programs

Have you struggled in the past to find a skilled community practitioner that also has deep knowledge of your business sector?

Another advantage of a superuser program is the potential for your organization to hire community practitioners that aren’t experts in the subject.

Superusers who are subject matter experts can be recruited to do the heavy lifting when it comes to answering questions. This frees up the community team to focus on strategy and management.

“One of the benefits is the retention of non-persistent knowledge e.g. information getting lost because experts stay active for too short a period of time with no knowledge transfer happening.”

Claudius Henrichs – Skype

The Magento Masters program values knowledge and product expertise, leveraging members to help other community members to excel. One of their goals is to elevate the most active community members, recognise them for their contributions, and empower them to help others learn more about the platform. This ultimately sets them up to succeed in the Magento ecosystem.

The primary objective of the New Relic Datanauts is to encourage and incentivize ambassadors to become more familiar with the product and share that knowledge with their networks and colleagues.

This works particularly well in support communities and is evident in programs such as the TalkTalk Community Stars where longevity and depth of knowledge are highly valued. They have a pool of users that have been active since the launch of the community in 2007.


  1. Engaging volunteers with subject matter expertise frees up the community team to work on more strategic tasks.
  2. Leveraging the knowledge of superusers to educate others enhances product satisfaction.



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