Building Successful Superuser Programs

Goals and Objectives

Step one is deciding what the benefits of building a program are for your organization. What are the goals and objectives? What are you hoping to achieve?

  • Are you hoping to drive sales, leads or referrals?
  • Are you looking for a way to increase brand awareness or amplify growth?
  • Do you need to boost online engagement or support new member onboarding?
  • Are too many questions going unanswered in your support channels?
  • Is increased site-traffic or a wider social-media following important?
  • Do you want to decrease purchase time?
  • Are you looking for a scalable way to launch in new places?

You can’t measure effectiveness without having clearly defined goals and targets. As you grow your program you might consider branching out into more than one of these objectives, but successful programs start with a very clear and narrow focus.


The Vinted Top Sellers program was designed with the objective of harvesting user-generated content for the brand’s website.
Scoop created their Company Captains scheme to incentivize the public to drive referrals for the company.
British mobile phone company use their GiffGaff Super-recruiters as a recruiting taskforce to bring on new customers.
Software company Docker use Docker Captains to amplify their company’s voice by empowering them to speak at events.
The Prezi Expert Program was designed to scale product training and support by crowdsourcing those tasks without hiring.
Luxury goods brand Omega use Omega Ambassadors to drive social influence by wearing their products at high profile events.
Schoology Ambassadors are encouraged to be vocal advocates over social media, spreading good sentiment about the brand.
Autodesk Experts Elite was designed to drive online engagement by harnessing the energy of their most passionate fans.


  1. Superuser or ambassador programs are extensions of your existing community efforts.
  2. Proper strategizing is key to success.
  3. Start by defining one key objective first.
  4. Other objectives can be considered as the program scales.



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