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The biggest reason you are finding these results is direct marketing goes against the natural process that people expect.

If a product really is beneficial then people know HOW they would find out about it.

When they hear about offers another way they know to clam up and shut down. This is the lesson learned from getting burned in the past. (Thigh master from 89' still in the closet.)

When the offer is something that people really want then you see a big difference in the response.

All you have to do is tell people what date Beyonce performs and a location and boom its sold out.

EA sports releases a new MADDEN Title and customers line up around the block.

Meanwhile this email in my inbox says click it for some reason?

Not gonna do it.

Business start off with the invalid assumption that people can be convinced into wanting something that they offer.

They believe this because of "marketing professionals" in their ear who really are just good at persuading management to fund marketing campaigns.

Sales follow demand not the other way around.

Tommy T

I hate having things stuffed down my throat or feel like I have to do something in 'return' for a reward.

If I see an online community that tells me I should join because I'd become a better person, grow wings and wake up rich I tend to press the 'back' button and carry on searching.

Show me something interesting, show me how it's benefited other people then you'll have tickled my fancy.

Telling me what I'll get out of it however I'll automatically assume you're a liar and never trust the band or product again.

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