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That's what I would say affects members most over the long term.

When their complaints go unanswered and the content grows stale first they will stop visiting then they will cancel their accounts.

The solution is to consistently add new enhancements to keep them on the edge of their seats.

Good example is how Google+ added the communities feature just when people started getting used to their platform. This is the key.


In this case, it might be a good thing to look more carefully at the lauaggne in the quote: Schneider specifically mentions the personal feelings of the artist and the actions taken based on those feelings not the feelings, actions or attitudes of his audience who are arguably the only ones with the power to label him a master.Ever hear the criticism that someone started believing their own press?' I think he is exploring this concept with the question. As an audience, we generally view work that has been labeled as that of a master very differently whether rightly or wrongly is a matter of debate for another day, but it is generally accompanied by the thought that this is the pinnacle of what can be accomplished.It seems this artist is arguing that to stop thinking as a student is to lose not only personal professional perspective, but you risk losing artistic perspective falling back on what works' instead of exploring the intricacies of what you think you already know and following fresh observations. I agree with that assessment, if it really is what was meant. (how can we know for sure, unless we asked? :^D)I believe this attitude is the difference between a pupil and a student, between a life-long learner and one who rests on their laurels.

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