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Tommy T

Hmmm interesting idea.

I'll give this a go!


Good post Rich,

I have always found an opportunity with "the lurkers" these people are the wall fly's from your high school dance.

You know the one's that aren't dancing.

It's not always their fault you know sometimes it's the DJ.

I have found the communities with active high quality content have very few lurkers.

Good advice though. You should build a unique strategy to deal with each type of user.

Thanks for sharing.


Wow. Just wow.AW used to be a nice site, although some of the rarelugs would seemingly attack people out of nowhere. It's one of the reasons that I never posted there, even though I had an account. Now the rarelugs are attacking everyone who has decided to go with the changing industry and ohmygoodness try to find readers and make some actual money?Wow. AW is no longer a good place to go. Not for good balanced information. Not for anything unless you hold only one world-view of the publishing industry. View it as a badge of honor. You stood your ground while still being polite. That's more than the rarelugs did. They should be ashamed of themselves (but they won't be. It's easier on their conscience.).

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