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This is my favorite kind of insight to read. The kind that, after reading it, you think: "of COURSE, it's so OBVIOUS."

Instead of trying to manage an ocean, instead create a bunch of small ponds, each with their own big fish. It lets average users be power users.

You see it in Reddit with the user-generated subreddit system.

You see it in esports/competitive gaming out of necessity - you can only travel so far for a "local tournament." So then, every region has its tournament hosts and power players.

You even see it in "real" sports, though those region-groups are a quite a bit larger than you're talking about.

Very well said.


I need to learn alot about community management in a relatively short time... And this seems like great advice - thanks!

I would value your insights as to which platforms (1) deserve consideration.

Thanks in advance.

Teo Graca

This is great advice. I enjoyed the article. I think using a platform that provides everyone with real-time statistics on visits is really important. Visits as opposed to hits or unique visitors is the most valuable statistic and can be used to measure the success, popularity and conversions for every article in the system and for your campaigns. And, I like systems that provide this information to everyone.

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