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I agree. It's hard to keep track of all posts in a busy community, but I've got a team of volunteers who do precisely this. They keep an eye out for new members and welcome them to the community. It really helps to engage the new person, and makes them feel part of the community right from the start.

Evan Hamilton

This really can backfire - you don't want to be the only reason you have a (seemingly) vibrant community. If you haven't built a community that wants to interact with each other, manually inciting interactions isn't going to help.

Instead (which you touched on, Richard) we should be focusing on encouraging interactions between community members. That way we create a real, sustainable community with it's own momentum. Because eventually (if you're succeeding) there are going to be too many posts to respond to personally.

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Great post. Then again you can get back into the whole argument about what makes Jewish music, Jewish? If you have a klezmer band that is played by non-Jews is it Jewish? The fact that the word "mazal tov" is a word in the song make it a Jewish song? No doubt Jewish music may mean different things to different people.

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