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Susan Smith

Thank you for this. It's particularly helpful for organizations that are considering adding a staff member for community management.


but there's no time in your putative schedule for reading FeverBee!!

Kristina Bjoran

Thanks for this post. As a newly minted CM, it's very nice to actually get idea of how other folks are running their days. Mine seem all over the place sometimes, no matter how organized I try to make them...


Thanks for this - really useful stuff indeed.

I know this is asking about the length of a piece of string, but in your experience how many active members does it take to make a sustainable community or for a community to reach a critical mass?

Best guesses more than welcome.

I'm framing my enquiry through the lens of a professional membership community with about 25,000 members - do I need to set a goal to have 10% actively engaged, for example?

Thank you.

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