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Michael Howard

An excellent and thought-provoking article. Thanks Richard.

The off-topic area is the most popular - but for most companies wouldn't this be bad for search engine optimisation? Lots of keywords that are nothing to do with the core purpose of the site.

How does the return on investment work out if you're planning for a growth that will take at least 5 years?

Isn't Facebook the most popular community platform nowadays?

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misleading. The number of posts per day is much higher at this point, but we're averaging since launch.

Another category has been

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What started to emerge was a pattern of seasonally-inspired recipes (I love me my farmers' market). So I organzied the book around the seasons.

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both books are required reading for any marketing/PR executive, business owner, or brand manager who wants to capitalize on media opportunities generated by the real-time Web.

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