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Dan Hinmon

Richard I am so much enjoying your blogs. Each one is a little nugget of insight, both interesting and practical. I am amazed at how you are able to come up with so much great material surrounding a topic as specific as online communities. Thanks for all your marvelous contributions!

Michael Howard

Great stuff, thanks Richard.

I think it's an important role of the moderation team to be proactive and set the daily agenda in a community - this can be by posting relevant news stories, starting discussions and linking in to relevant editorial.

Moderators are integral in setting the tone of a community - eg. by welcoming every member and encouraging the flow of information, help and advice across the membership.


Moderating development... still sounds a little impersonal and structured to me - but I'd say this is a step in the right direction.

In my (albeit limited) experience, a focus on those bullet points, making the 'reactive moderation' a secondary focus, is much more beneficial to a community and it's members.


Hi Richard,

This is a great example of what makes blogs unique: they are always in process. The discourse continues after the article is posted.

People seem to return to online communities whose authors respond to comments.


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